About Us


We are a holistic ministry

Jesus was passionate about loving the whole person, and so is The Philadelphia Project. For us, this means that we involve youth in meeting people’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs. We encourage teenagers to share the love of God through their actions and when possible, their words.

We are a ministry of our community

Our ministry exists to meet the needs of our community. (Through free home repair, preschool, and after-school childcare)

We believe in relationships

We are committed to building meaningful relationships earning the right to share Christ with other through word and deed. Philadelphia is our home and we serve here all year long.


Our staff are vital to the mission of The Philadelphia Project to accomplish the work that God has for us in the city.  Many of our staff consider themselves full time missionaries in the city and support raise to help offset the cost of their mission.

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Our interns help to bolster the ministry at the project and offer support to our full time staff in various capacities.  During the summer, we employ 20 college interns to run much of our expanded summer programming.  Throughout the rest of the calendar year some of those summer interns will opt to stick around and become our Year Long interns serving at the After-school Program at Roxborough Church, TPP’s Blitz Weekends, and in partnership with the local church.


Financial Reports

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