Dear Building Fund Donors,

We are writing to you today because you donated to the Wakefield Building Project, which was part of our dream to have a permanent home for TPP.  We have an update on that property, but unfortunately, it is a bit of sad news.  We have also been presented with a new opportunity to establish a long-term home for TPP, but we seek your blessing, prayers, and consent to move forward in this new direction. 

Our dream for a permanent home is as old as The Philadelphia Project (TPP) itself. Just over five years ago we found a piece of property with an old mill building at 4945 Wakefield Ave that held promise as our future home base to serve the Germantown community. It was especially poignant because one of the first residents that TPP served was just a block away. 

So we prayed and shared our vision. You and about one hundred others saw that vision and donated to help make it a reality. We are humbled by the response to our requests which raised more than $250,000 over four years. Thank you very much! 

We purchased the property on December 4, 2015. We contracted architects, consulted with zoning officials, demolished dangerous outbuildings, and made many improvements to the mill building starting with a new roof. The community was pleased by our initial efforts and was excited for the day we could move in.

The sad news is that despite all our efforts and prayers, in the nearly five years since it was purchased, the cost of renovations has escalated so substantially that the original concept is no longer feasible or practical. In January, with great sadness, the Board of Directors made the final decision–the Wakefield property will no longer be our future home. 

We immediately began to explore other possibilities for that property and to seek God’s direction for our future home. God always comes through! As the Wakefield door was closing, two new doors opened within weeks. We were offered an affordable ten-year lease of 16,000 square feet of dormitory space and a buyer has made a favorable offer for the Wakefield property. It is almost like God was waiting for us to release our dream and put it in his hands. 

Because of your partnership and generosity, we seek your blessing to follow this new path. 

The new location is part of a multi-acre church complex in the heart of northwest Philly situated on Germantown Avenue between Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill. It enables year-round programming opportunities for TPP with private dormitory space, shared commercial kitchen, and worship spaces–more than we would have had at Wakefield. 

To use our new space, we need to make some upgrades and improvements. These are not minor upgrades and we will need to use the proceeds from the sale of Wakefield. That is why we seek your blessing and ask for your consent to repurpose the funds given towards the Wakefield property. Will you, once again, partner with us as we engage students, leaders, and the community in transformational encounters of service and worship?  If you are willing to give consent, you can do so by clicking here.

You may have questions and we would love to talk. Please email us at to ask a question or set up a time to talk.

Let me again say a hearty thank you for your prayers, your partnership, and your generous donations. It’s not a stretch to say that we can’t do this without you. 

Pastor Raymond Garcia, Founder and Executive Director