COVID-19 Updates


“In a time of crisis, we pivot to our basics, to what we know best. We see this in the rush to stock up on basic supplies, yes, including toilet paper. We see this in how we set up Zoom meals with family and friends, yes, even with family and friends we would never have seen if the crisis hadn’t come.

At The Philadelphia Project, we are also pivoting to our basics. We are rooted deeply within the local church. It is these roots we now cling to in the face of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. This enables us to retain clarity about why we serve and who we serve. We serve out of love for and obedience to Christ and his Kingdom. We serve, through church partnerships, our most vulnerable Philadelphia neighbors…”


“Much like each of you, we at The Philadelphia Project have had to do adaptive thinking and make intentional pivots to continue to achieve our ministry goals of partnering with churches and serving our most vulnerable neighbors during this unprecedented crisis. Our model of service has been put on hold. We’ve canceled all our programming through early May…”