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Cairn University – 4 year scholarship

Cairn University Website

A college education should change your life. It should point you in a direction where what you know, who you are, and how you live will have an impact on those around you. What you learn, the relationships you form, the skills you develop, and the experiences you gain must be centered on something solid and serve a higher purpose.

With over 60 undergraduate programs and a diverse range of academic activities, a Cairn University education is centered on Jesus Christ and the Word of God and provides a broad perspective on the world that is engaging and purposeful.

Eastern University – 4 year scholarship

Eastern University Website

Eastern University is a co-educational, comprehensive Christian university that integrates faith, reason and justice for its 3,616 students. This university located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offers undergraduate and graduate programs for college students, and strives to provide the very best. Eastern is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA and has an interdenominational Christian student body, faculty and administration.

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