Internship Program

TPP Summer of Service Interns

TPP’s Summer of Service Interns are the heartbeat of our organization during our busiest and most impactful season of the year. TPP interns use their diverse skill sets lead service groups from across the nation joining us in bringing hope to the brokenness in the city of Philadelphia. Interns facilitate a life changing experience for teenagers, ministry partners, and fellow Philadelphian neighbors. Be a part of urban ministry, see God move, and call Philadelphia your home next summer.

  • A strong desire to know God and make Him known
  • A servant leadership heart 
  • Grow in faith and service 
  • Invest in and help disciple teens on missions trips
  • Gain college internship credit
  • Serve inner city kids and residents
  • Build relationships that last a lifetime with fellow staff and interns

S.O.S Intern Options


Lead a worksite for our homeowners

  • Leading or co-leading a worksite in the home of one of our neighbors.  This involves building individual relationships with and helping the students to build relationships with their homeowners.
  • Effectively communicate with the Construction Manager to coordinate what supplies and materials are needed at the worksite each day.
  • Responsible for tools getting to and from your worksite
  • Maintain the spiritual focus of the worksite to foster a positive serving culture
  • Respect Construction Manager/Director of Mission’s authority

Mercy Ministry

Lead groups in our community

  • Build Relationship with Ministry Partners
  • Lead missions’ teams to serve with our ministry partners throughout the city of Philadelphia.
  • Emphasize to students why each ministry opportunity has a ripple effect beyond their service time.
  • Exemplify servant leadership on all service opportunities
  • Build appropriate relationships with students and seek to help them grow in their understanding of justice, reconciliation and service.
  • Create a culture of dialogue that ensures students are recognizing the socio-economic and racial realities at play

Kids Camp

Lead groups working with children

  • Serve during camp hours by helping to facilitate indoor and outdoor activities, workshops, as well as other daily activities
  • Lead TPP’s weekly Summer of Service volunteers (typically high school students) on how to love, serve, and lead campers well
  • Serve as a Christian role model to campers in personal faith, worship, language, appearance, manners, etc.
  • Observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior management techniques
  • Serve at TPP Preschool and Fuel aftercare during the training
  • Help to enforce the rules and policies of camp

Summer Intern - Kitchen

Oversee all our meal needs

  • Cook meals for service groups with help from other staff & juniors.
  • Plan and prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snack schedules throughout each week
  • Make budget, make food purchases & maintain kitchen etiquette/cleanliness in partnership with Summer Cook
  • Delegate responsibilities and tasks during meals at TPP
  • Serve as contact person for all outside groups/individuals who bring meals to serve at The Project
  • Account and plan for allergies and special accommodations each week
  • Prepare lunch coolers in advance for service groups
  • Solicit donations from local businesses and restaurants throughout the summer
  • Prep and plan out all food, beverages, and condiments for the Wednesday BBQs
  • Create Wednesday BBQ handouts for coolers throughout the week
  • Consistently check inventory throughout the summer
  • Pre order certain items for lunch prior to the summer


Tell our Story

  • Serve as the coordinator of TPP social media accounts throughout summer
  • Travel to all ministry sites and take pictures, record video, interview participants, etc. for social media purposes
  • Create bio for each TPP intern and highlight them on social media throughout summer
  •  Attend club at night and highlight artists, worship, and speakers 
  • Utilize instagram and facebook stories to build interaction with TPP supporters and past participants.

If you're under 18, apply to our Jr. Internship

Jr. Interns

  • Come alongside intern staff during normal operations to assist in any needs
  • Welcome groups when they arrive on sunday afternoons with intern staff
  • Help Kitchen Intern with meal prep and clean up
  • Set up and break down weekly community BBQ
  • Serve at kids camps, worksites, and mercy ministry as needed
  • Assist with cleaning summer housing site
  • Willingness to do the job that no one else wants/has time to do
  • Attend club (evening programming) throughout the week
  • Participate with group and build relationships with students as much as possible