Thanks for your interest in partnering with us at The Philadelphia Project through your generous hours of service. In any given week from June through August, The Project is dependent on a minimum of 17 volunteers in addition to our staff, in order to successfully run a week of service camp. Please consider how you might be able to serve with us. We also heavily rely on volunteers for our Fuel After School and Preschool programs throughout the year.

Construction/Worksite Leader

Our greatest area of need is for folks who have a working knowledge of basic construction. We have jobs that range from drywall, and concrete, to electric and landscaping. We desire to have 2-3 project managers per week who we can place to assist groups who are unable to bring a skilled individual with them to lead their work sites. This person would serve as the overseer of the job. This is NOT a do all the work position, it is a TEACHING position, with limited labor, and a lot of oversight. Please contact admin@thephiladelphiaproject.com for more information.

Worship Band

Do you love using your musical talents to worship the Lord? The Philadelphia Project regularly uses volunteers during our Philly Blitz and Summer of Service to lead club worship nights. If you are interested in sharing your skills in this way, please contact Joshua Shaffer at tuf01211@gmail.com.

Welcome & Registration Crew

In the summer, groups arrive from 2-3pm on Sunday. Registration involves being the “Welcome Crew” moving bags, collecting permission forms, showing students to their dorms, and helping to Considering that some groups have driven a distance to get here or flown, greeting them with excitement and making the move in as smooth as possible is essential to starting their week right. Many students will already be out of their comfort areas, based on the new surroundings. We desire folks that are able to be friendly and welcoming, greeting with a smile and serving these young people who have gathered for a week to serve our city. Please contact admin@thephiladelphiaproject.com for more information.


During our weeks of summer camp, here at The Project, we provide daily evening meals for all of our participants. As often as possible, we recruit volunteers to prepare and serve these dinners. We have an adequate kitchen facility here at The Project where meals can be prepared, however some have chosen to prepare their meals at home and bring them warm and ready to serve. Has the Lord blessed you with the ability to put together a scrumptious meal?

Evening meals are prepared for 50-100 students and adults on Sunday, Monday, Thursday.

Additionally we provide deserts each night Sunday through Thursday. These can range from home made to store bought and are often dropped off to the church at a convenient hour during the day. We serve our evening desert at 10PM. Please contact admin@thephiladelphiaproject.com for more information.

Court Yard Cook Out

As part of our outreach to the community during the summer we offer a mid-week BBQ and worship service. Are you gifted on the grill? Can you cook a burger without creating a “hockey puck”? This meal serves 100-150 people per week. Please contact admin@thephiladelphiaproject.com for more information.