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The Philadelphia Project is all about making tangible the transforming power, presence, and love of God.  In every aspect of our ministry this is true; it is the glue that holds our organization together.  Our children’s programing and partnerships exist to transform the early lives of kids, infusing the life-giving power of the gospel into the hearts.  Our youth and young adult programming (Club) exists to give students an opportunity to get into the presence of God and begin to understand God’s love for us as demonstrated by Jesus.  Our home repair ministry exists to physically transform the homes of our partner families and spiritually transform the atmosphere of those homes.  Our mercy ministry programs are intentionally designed to partner with organizations in the city that make a lasting, transformative impact on the people they serve.  We know that the Christian life begins with the transformation of our hearts, and we know that it doesn’t end there.  Christianity isn’t a ‘get of hell’ free card.  It is an opportunity to partner with the Creator in  transforming the world around us into God’s likeness and bringing the Kingdom of God closer to earth.

Because of this, The Philadelphia Project offers a unique and powerful service and mission opportunity for ministry groups. We challenge students to serve wholeheartedly in our community and to think critically about how God’s Word speaks to social and spiritual issues. Our prayer is that God uses these experiences to make an eternal impact on your students and those they serve, as well as a visible impact offering hope and restoration to our community.

Where is the Philadelphia Project?

The Philadelphia Project is located in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia. Roxborough is a multi-cultural neighborhood that has an equally diverse representation of age, ethnicity, economic status, as well as residential and commercial buildings. We are located at 8230 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19128.

Why participate?

At the Project you will have the opportunity to explore your understanding of God’s heart for others. You will physically offer hope and healing to a community in need, and you will daily be challenged to deepen your walk with Christ through a time of worship and reflection.

How will my students learn?

  • Personal encounters with our neighbors
  • Time with God in His Word each day
  • Group & individual prayer experiences
  • Debriefing our service experiences
  • Interactive & creative Bible teaching
  • Sharing within small groups
  • Worshiping God simply & from the heart
  • Mentoring, caring, and listening by our staff
  • Discussing biblical views on racism, justice, and what God wants us to do
Scripture Study

The Philadelphia Project develops a creative Scripture-based curriculum that engages students several times a day. Our staff are equipped to lead youth through this Scripture theme, and are passionate about seeing them grow in faith and knowledge.

Life on Life

Discipleship happens in the context of relationships. That’s why The Philadelphia Project is committed to providing an environment where you can continue to disciple your students. As we live, learn and serve together, our staff along with your youth leaders will teach and model what it means to follow Christ.

Urban Missions

As an urban ministry, we are excited to share about God’s heart for the city. Our hope is to broaden youth’s understanding of urban America and global missions, recognizing that over half the world’s people live in cities (and that number is growing). We approach these ideas from a biblical perspective, and believe they are important for the lives of teenagers everywhere.

Urging a Lifestyle of Service

Our deepest hope is that teenagers will return home and choose to serve right where they live. Your ministry in Philadelphia will have a real and long-lasting impact, but the real work begins once you get home. We pray for a generation of young people committed to standing up for justice and demonstrating the love of God through word and action.

Where will we eat, sleep, and bathe?

Groups will stay at The Philadelphia Project. Everyone sleeps on bunk beds and needs to bring a sleeping bag. All participants have the opportunity to shower at The Project. All meals are provided from Sunday dinner until Friday lunch except for your Dinner out on the town. We serve a breakfast buffet, brown bag lunch, and family-style dinners.

How will we get there?

Groups are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from Philadelphia. Groups are also responsible for transportation for members of their team, plus an extra seat per work crew for Philadelphia Project staff. We ask that each group bring a GPS per vehicle.

What should I bring?

While the Philadelphia Project supplies most of your 
needs for the week, we ask that each participant bring the
 following: (You can download the comprehensive packing list under downloads)

  • Water bottle that will be used throughout the work day in order
to help you stay hydrated.
  • Work gloves. We will have a few pairs of our own, but each
person having personal gloves will make for a more pleasant
 work experience.
  • Safety glasses or eye protection. Depending on what your task
s, it may be important that you have appropriate eye wear to 
protect yourself.
  • Closed-toe shoes. You may wear flip-flops at the Project, but not
while you are on the worksite.
  • We ask that all participants wear modest clothing. Girls: no 
midriffs, or short shorts please.
  • Sleeping bags, air mattress, and shower linens.
  • Pillows, Bathing Suits (One Piece), Beach Towel

Sight-seeing in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Project summer of service schedule is intense, and does not allow for a lot of free time for sight-seeing. Groups have one “Night out on the town” – an evening off during their week to relax, sightsee, and grab dinner together out town in Philadelphia. Groups are responsible for all expenses during this time, including dinner and transportation. The Philadelphia Project can provide directions and suggestions for groups unfamiliar with the city.  If you would like to extend your stay in Philly to allow for site-seeing in Philadelphia on Saturday, please speak with the staff when you register your group so that we can help you to plan accordingly.

Spending Money

Each person should plan on bringing about $30-40 spending money for the following:

  • $10-20 for Dinner out town, a few dollars a day for “Snack Stops” (optional afternoon snacks around town), any money for souvenirs, etc.

Contact the office to reserve your mission opportunity.
Office // (267) 388 – 0772
Email //